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One Click Straight launches a new single and MV “Lilo”

One Click Straight launches a new single and MV “Lilo”

One Click Straight, a group that describes itself as “Asia’s finest softboi candy pop band”, launches its new single and accompanying music video, “Lilo”. The song continues to emphasize the band’s synth pop sound, evoking smooth Nineties pop in its sonic palette.

Tim and Sam Marquez composed “Lilo”. Sam says that the song was recorded in Daniel Monong’s studio and their home studio. He notes that the track was composed with minimal instrumentation, and what took time was the process of producing the song more than recording it. “It was really fun laying down the tracks for it”, he says.

Tim Marquez says that “Lilo is about cheaters, plain and simple”. He notes that these crazy times see a lot of heartbroken people; those who cheat, he observes, tend to find it easier to do in our online age. The song takes a lighthearted, upbeat approach to speak about people who fell in love, who were fooled, and who were hurt.

Along with the new single is a music video, which was produced by Zoopraxi Studio and directed by Dominic Bekaert. Joel Cartera, another member of OCS, says that their director delivered with fun ideas of how to go about this project. The video features Albert Nicolas a.k.a Asian Cutie and Jach Manere. Cartera notes that the video is meant to provide a contrast with the overall vibe of the song. He says, “if the audience gets it, they get it, and if not…rak.”

When we asked about what’s next for OCS in 2022, Sam is excited to say that they’re about to drop their second album. He says that this record promises “new sounds, new songs, and definitely new stories to tell.” It is an exciting year for the band, its fans, and the many people who will discover their music.


One Click Straight is a synth-pop, candy pop band from the south of Manila, Philippines. OCS consists of Toffer Marquez, Sam Marquez, Tim Marquez, and Joel Cartera. They are known for Nostalgic, their first EP that features a single of the same title (2017), The Midnight Emotion, their debut album (2018) and the Harana Coma EP, an all-Tagalog EP that features hit singles like 'Manila' and 'Paraiso' (2020). In September 2020, One Click Straight is releasing (released) SSH EP.

While heavily influenced by their alternative rock and metal rock roots, One Click Straight has always been a reflection of the four members’ authenticity and passion, shown through their experimental yet honest music and lyrics. Their snazzy and breezy sound is also a reflection of brotherhood and friendship, something that is in the very core of the band

The growth of the individual members of the group has allowed a natural progression to their musical and artistic output as well. They have written and performed songs spanning from emotions and other personal experiences to incidents shared by many and concerns in the world around us.

One Click Straight also claims to be Asia’s finest softboi candy pop band.



Stream “Lilo” on all music streaming platforms and watch the Music Video on YouTube!



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