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HEY JUNE! makes a mark with new life-probing single “ORASAN”

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Following their hit debut single “Sino Mali” under Island Records Philippines, HEY JUNE! brings forth our first bout of life-probing questions this year with “Orasan.”

“The song revolves around the fact that we hold nothing in this world we live in. Accepting the natural flow that we experience in our lives and being happy by living life to the fullest is what we can do,” HEY JUNE! shares.

Written by the vocalist, Jim Mase, the song conveys life, death, and everything in-between. The lyrical narrative is accompanied by dramatic melodies, both of which blend perfectly with Jim and Earl Pagnilwan’s vocals and guitar. Coey Ballesteros’ bass and back-up vocals, on the other hand, tug on your heart flawlessly. The drum beats by Aci Forda also breathes vibrance into the entire song, perfectly meshing well with the band’s signature synth tunes.

All these combined ensures that the story flows smoothly and naturally, reminiscent of how life plays out—if we choose to accept happiness and just be.

“We want to make them [listeners] feel like living is a precious thing in a dramatic way and relatable to all generations.”

For fans, HEY JUNE! promises more singles, a very special EP, upcoming shows, and other surprises that showcase their uniqueness and passion.

For now, when the clock strikes midnight and the new year enters, don’t forget to enjoy your new dose of life, courtesy of “Orasan.”



HEY JUNE! is one of the newest Filipino bands formed this 2021, composed of Earl Paglinawan (Vocals and Guitars), Jim Mase (Vocals, Guitars and Synth), Coey Ballesteros (Bass and Back-up vocals) and Aci Fodra (Drums). While some bands struggled to keep their bond together during the pandemic, the contrary happened to this band.

These 4 young kids live their passion for music with their own creative pursuits - restrictions and all. They made the most of online meetups and collaborations before actually seeing each other in the flesh. Equipped with promising original compositions and easy camaraderie, HEY JUNE! is one of the newest breeds of promising acts. The band has released four songs, their introduction song “Just A Hit”, their debut single “Panahon”, “Lugar Kung S’an”, and their latest single "Sino Mali" all produced by Eunice Jorge of Gracenote. While promoting these songs, the band is also preparing to release their EP! Exciting times, indeed!

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