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Pop Rock Royalty Yeng Constantino joins the international roster superstars with Republic Records Ph

Pop Rock Royalty Yeng Constantino officially signs with Republic Records, home to other music regencies like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and The Weeknd. She also joins fellow OPM artists already with the music label, including Moira Dela Torre and Zack Tabudlo.

Expanding Her Sphere of Music Influence

Given Republic Records' undeniable power in the global music industry, Yeng Constantino is confident that her bigness in the Philippine music industry is about to reach new heights. With top talents across the globe, she is ready to make bigger, bolder moves—ones that will propel her to where she needs to be.

“Signing with Republic Records offers a lot of opportunities for me. This means they could expand my music further, especially beyond the Southeast Asian market.”

With her undeniable talent, charisma, and strong presence, Yeng is ready to take on the next whatever comes next. But even with all these, she hopes to remain true to her roots. She wants to “continue to be me,” even if it means joining the best of the best.

As a pillar of the Philippine music industry, Yeng also cites that she feels incredibly humbled, blessed, and inspired to be part of a new team.

“Sobrang inspiring ng pakiramdam, parang bagong bahay kasi ang UMG/Republic for me.”

Pop Rock Royalty Yeng Constantino with UMG Philippines’ Managing Director Enzo Valdez,

Cornerstone Entertainment’s President Erickson Raymundo and Vice President Jeff Vadillo

Stepping Into International Spotlight

When it comes to her music and career, this OPM legend wants only one thing—to remain grounded in authenticity and keep learning, especially as she creates more hits.

“I want to be honest with my music and apply my learnings as a songwriter throughout the years. There will be new original music coming from me. Nauna lang itong launch, and I cannot talk about it yet, but I will have a meeting with Republic to talk about the music direction of the new album.”

For now, Yeng wants to celebrate this new step in her career and cites that she’s proud of her longevity. “I’m so grateful that until now, 17 years and nandito pa rin ako, that I get to do this kasi ito yung pangarap ko.”

Making Music for Everyone

When asked about her 2023 goals, Yeng excitedly shares: “Ako, parati ko lang namang goal is magbigay ng mga kanta na maririnig kong kakantahin sa videoke [laughs]. At syempre, kantahin ang bawat kantang nasa puso ko. Nagmamature din tayo as a songwriter, and I want to take you on that journey. “

As a local legend, the years of experience under her belt also pushes her to move forward. Apart from her artistry, being able to continue writing songs and performing on stage connects her with fans.

With smash hits like "Hawak Kamay”, “Salamat”, “Cool Off”, “Time In”, “Lapit”, “Chinito”, “Lapit”, and “Ikaw”, her music inspires across generations. And to Yeng, resonating with thousands of listeners makes her artistry special.

“Music, for me, is a vocation. Para siyang trabaho pero at the same time passion ko siya. So I know [my] responsibility as a songwriter, and at the same time, it's also an art that I truly enjoy.”

The OPM industry continues to welcome fresh talent but leaves room for maestros to continue to shine. And when you’re a legend like Yeng Constantino, the next move leads you to the heart of the music—writing and singing songs for others to enjoy.

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