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Zild releases the much-anticipated Medisina album

Zild has had years of musical practice, including multiple recordings and live performances, and it has led up to this. Medisina, Zild’s much-awaited first release under Island Records Philippines, drops on major streaming services on October 29. The album draws together his unique sound, his knack for connecting with listeners, and his storytelling talents, all of which have served him well over the years.

Stream ZILD's newest album - "MEDISINA" here!

Medisina has eleven tracks on which Zild mostly plays and produces, reflecting the DIY approach which has distinguished his music in recent years. The overall goal, he says, is to create an album that evokes emotions more than themes or musical complexity. He says, “Growing up in the city also created this sound that I wanted to share: messy but contained, gloomy but still [feeling] like home, and young.”

To give an idea of the sonic scope of Medisina that helps Zild achieve his goal, the opening track, “CRAB,” is a post-punk number that recounts the unintended consequences of friends knowing one’s insecurities. Sometimes, even they don’t want their friend to succeed, the song suggests. Another track, “Duda,” tells the story of a relationship where one partner is frustrated by how the other doubts his sincerity. It takes on a genre Zild grew up with, 90s and 2000s Pinoy rock, through its sonic and lyrical influences.

It took a year for Zild to come up with this album, and the challenge of completing it was twofold: which songs would he include, and if so, whether these songs were really done once he worked on them. He has tried out some of the previously unreleased tracks in his live set lists. One recent favorite, “Dekada ’70,” which shares its name (and theme) with Lualhati Bautista’s short novel about dissent during the Martial Law years, is something that Zild says people sing along to with much fervor, particularly its chorus.

Zild says that his plans for the record include a launch tour, which happens all throughout November, lyric videos in the Windows Movie Maker style, and some music videos for his favorite tracks. As more people get to hear his music, they will discover an artist whose honesty and talent shines through, a needed medicine for such a challenging time as this.



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