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Zack Tabudlo takes on The Beatles in UMUSIC’s first episode of InFocus

Zack Tabudlo talks about one of his biggest musical influences in life, The Beatles, in InFocus, a weekly magazine show that gives you insight to your favorite artist’s personality.

Where It All Began

Zack’s love for The Beatles goes way back into his childhood, where he talked about how his grandfather was a big fan of the iconic English rock band. He grew up listening to their songs, and this greatly influenced his love for the group. When asked about his favorite track, he chooses ‘Yesterday’. “I remember singing yesterday in my grandfather's funeral, the same person who was a big fan of The Beatles. I think that was one of his wishes before he passed away: for me to sing one of his favorite Beatles song,” Zack shares.

Zack’s Influences

When asked about how the band influences him, Zack explained that it was all about the elements being used. “I feel like The Beatles influenced my music in terms of the elements that they use. How they incorporate these core progressions, and how they did melodies with their music,”. Zack also shared the similarities between his and the band's music, sharing that it was mostly in the groove and the rhythm of the tracks. “I have this track in the album, [called] ‘Simula Palang Nung Una’, where it had this instrumental part with a lot of na na’s in the background. This was inspired by ‘Hey Jude’ as well.”

5-Minutes with…

If he were to choose which member he’d spend 5 minutes with, Zack shares that it would be Paul McCartney. If given the opportunity, he’d like to ask about how the band really connected with each of their fans in times when social media wasn’t available.





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