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Zack Tabudlo Serenades With New Song “Pinadama”

Following the success of hit song Yakap, Zack Tabudlo makes sure you fall in love again with his new track “Pinadama”. Heavily inspired by 90s OPM and Japanese tracks, this song blends the tunes of old school with the modern-day touch of OPM music.


Pinadama” is about waiting for the right time for your true love. It will make you feel like you’re still willing to wait for the perfect momenteven after loving a person for such a long time.

This new Zack Tabudlo song is an artistic way of giving tribute to old school music and vibes. Expect this song to give you some Janno Gibbs and Jaya feels, but consistent with Zack’s ability to give life to heartfelt lyrics, this song is poised to connect through the hearts of the fans.

More songs under different eras of sound should be awaited from Zack Tabudlo. Be sure to keep yourself posted!





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