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Zack Tabudlo offers words of reassurance through his new single "ANGHEL"

“It’s about someone who doesn’t realize their worth,” says Zack Tabudlo of his new single, “and [my song makes] them realize [that] they deserve more than they think.” The song is “Anghel,” yet another inspiring track from one of Southeast Asia’s younger hit-makers. Produced and recorded entirely by the artist, the track drops this June 24, 2022 on major streaming services.

Listen here!

Zack’s previous hits, most notably “Give Me Your Forever,” have dealt with various aspects of love. In writing this surprise for his many devoted listeners, he turns his attention this time to something that is real for many people in this uncertain age. Self-doubt, which is what “Anghel” is about, is something that, on one level, we encounter at one time or another. For those with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, such a feeling can make things worse.

However, the lyrics of “Anghel” still connect the theme of self-doubt to another aspect of love. In a way, Zack reminds us of a classic definition of love attributed to a noted thinker from many centuries ago [Thomas Aquinas], “Love is willing the good of the other.” The lyrics urge the beloved to be better than their wounds and see themselves as the angelic figure they could really be. This song is a timely reminder that those of us who love others, regardless of what our relationships are with them, sometimes need to reassure them of their worth.

While Zack’s song falls into a tradition of songs of reassurance and comfort, he says that the song “came out of nowhere,” adding that he hasn’t been listening to much else that would have inspired it. He also notes how the song takes on a different tone from the others he has written, emphasizing his sound’s blues and soul roots in a stronger way than usual.

A soulful song for such a time as this, “Anghel” is sure to be one that will resonate with Zack’s many listeners.



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