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Zack Tabudlo creates history - "PANO" enters Spotify Top 50 in MALAYSIA

PANO” by Zack Tabudlo, creates history as the first Filipino song to enter Spotify Top 50 in Malaysia.

Zack Tabudlo’s ‘Pano’ has entered Malaysia’s Daily Top 50 Charts on Spotify and gained a new peak at #33, also peaking at #5 on Viral Songs Malaysia.

Zack is also the biggest gainer on Top Artists Malaysia, up by 36 spots at #89.

Pano” continues to chart on Spotify’s Top 50 - Philippines for 334 days. Pano broke the Spotify Philippines record this year for being the longest track to stay #1 on the said chart, for both international and OPM songs records.

‘PANO’ The Trilogy is now complete on Zack Tabudlo’s YouTube/VEVO.

Watch it now!



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