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Your perfect coffee based on your favorite Conan Gray tune!

In need of caffeine in your system to keep you tuned to the best of Conan Gray's hits? Well, we've definitely got you covered! Here are the ten types of coffee you need to be sipping when listening to our number one resident crushie.

1. People Watching - Cold Brew

What better way to celebrate Conan's newest heartbreak by keeping yourself company with a little bit of cold brew, a dash of cold and bitter and an absolute favorite for those who want something strong, but always settle for less.

2. Crush Culture - Decaf Coffee

Make way because we're making 2021 a time for our independent ladies, gents, and non-binary peeps who are single and happily listening to 'Crush Culture' while enjoying their very much decaffeinated coffee.

3. Overdrive - Frappuccino

Keep yourself cold and fiesty by sipping a frappuccino while listening to Overdrive, for the definite reckless and spontaneous who wants nothing more than to try something new and out of the box.

4. Astronomy - Espresso

Watching the night sky isn't enough to keep you awake, sit tight and enjoy the aroma of an espresso while tuning into 'Astronomy', a perfect combo for those who are letting go, keeping you up in those lone nights.

5. Wish You Were Sober - Black Coffee

Late nights, sky high, partying all night! Black coffee is the way to go for those jamming to 'Wish You Were Sober' for those who are drunk, to sober up amidst the drunken nights.

6. Idle Town - Instant Coffee

For those who idly sitting by, simple, ready to go, and looking for an adventure to spice up your life, instant coffee is the way to go! Drink this while watching the sunrise and driving along long roads during late nights.

7. Fake - Flat White

You're a definite force to be reckoned with if you're tuning to the ultimate collaboration of Lauv and Conan. Keep yourself entertained by enjoying a fresh cup of flat white, for those who are sweet and courageous, and aren't afraid to say it.

8. Checkmate - Americano

Who knew playing chess would be this fire? Conan's 'Checkmate' is definitely one for the books because it's pop-rock anthem suits perfectly for one bitter Americano, someone who's got a bitter taste and not over their ex.

9. Lookalike - Cappuccino

For the nights that seem lonely, a taste of bitter and sweet cappuccino is a perfect accompaniment to the sad tunes of Gray’s ‘Lookalike’. When you’re in the mood to reminisce, this is for those who can’t let go, but forever chooses to hold on.

10. The Other Side - Latte

‘The Other Side’ speaks volumes for those who are balanced and are hopeful for a better tomorrow. A latte hits just the right spot for those who can’t wait to see what the future holds.



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