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VVS Collective celebrates those who’ve been there from the start

The song “Day Ones” is probably as personal as VVS Collective can get. This increasingly prominent hip-hop crew has been working hard both individually and collectively to develop a distinct style, building on what they’ve learned over the years. This time, they brought their friend Akosi Dogie aboard, and they say that this is a song for their “day ones,” those who have been their friends and supporters since the beginning. The song is a collaboration between the crew’s members Gabrang, King Promdi, and Tommy Wave, with music production by Jpbeatz and a guest verse by Akosi Dogie.

Listen to "DAY ONES" here!

VVS Collective says that “Day Ones” uses a “roddy rich type” beat but makes its way to a more pop sound towards the end. They do this, they say, to achieve a lightness of sound that makes this four-minute number more appealing to their audience. The song is for those who have been with them from the start, and it also reaches out to people who are beginning to discover what they can bring to Filipino hip-hop.

The crew says that their next project is (hopefully) going to be a steady commitment. They are planning to launch their Walwal Nation podcast soon, so both their “day ones” and everyone else who listens to them should watch out for that.

Day Ones” feat. Akosi Dogie, is now out on all on music streaming platforms released under Def Jam Philippines.





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