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VVS Collective brings a new twist to Christmas songs with new single

Calling all hip-hop fans! Get your playlists ready as VVS Collective is set to release their new single “VV XXXMAS” in time for the holidays.


“This song is a quick verse about what we genuinely feel about Christmas, and tells what Christmas is to us now that we have commitments,” the group explains.

A little different than your usual Christmas song, “VV XXXMAS” encapsulates the nostalgia brought by the holiday season as seen through the lens of adulthood. The track is a candidly expressed message for listeners who share the same sentiments about the holidays.

VVS Collective also reveals being a bit more experimental with this new single, fusing their signature hip-hop sound and revealing a new side to the group fans have yet to see.

This release is the perfect gift for fans before the year ends and a prelude to more we can expect from the group next year. VVS Collective never disappoints when it comes to fresh, upbeat bops done VVS Collective style, so stay tuned to their socials for updates on exciting EP drops happening soon!



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