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Shawn Mendes Announces Newest Single "When You're Gone" out on March 31st

Shawn Mendes has announced that new single “When You’re Gone” will release on Thursday, March 31st!

Over the last week Shawn has posted a series of rehearsal style clips, teasing fans with short performance videos and detailing the inspiration behind the song.

On Saturday - before he took to the stage to headline Billboard’s show at SXSW - a photo of his set list went up including the new song, continuing to fuel the fan chatter.

During his SXSW show Shawn performed “When You’re Gone” live for the first time and a clip of him inviting a fan onstage to perform with him went viral receiving over 1.5M views in 5 hours! See the performance below:

Following this ‘Shawn Mendes’ hit #1 US Entertainment trend on Twitter and has charted on Genius as fans are in search of the single's lyrics.

Be part of the anticipation and excitement for "When You're Gone" by pre-saving the single through this link:!


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