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Republic Records Philippines and Cornerstone Entertainment Take P-pop to the Global Music Radar

Photo by: Niko Cezar / KNYA Collective

Manila, Philippines — PPop Radar, a partnership with Republic Records Philippines and Cornerstone Entertainment, marks the launch of the new Asian wave of pop stars in an all-out bash last 27 January 2023 at the Brooklyn Warehouse, Recto, Manila.

With the powerful combination of Republic Records’ undeniable name in the global music industry and Cornerstone Entertainment’s collection of world-class Filipino talent, the launch put a spotlight on another side of Filipino talent: Pinoy Pop, or simply P-pop.

A Scintillating Array of Pinoy Pop Talent

P-pop originates from the OPM genre but with a focus on contemporary pop music.

With roots in the K-pop music industry, rising P-pop groups have mastered the art of not just singing, but singing and dancing with superb production. Exuding talent and aesthetics, they’re making their way to the global stage.

The best of the best will always shine, so PPOP Radar offers the stage to the following stars ready to sing, dance, and exude talent:

The Freshest Boys in Town: AJAA

(L-F: AJAA Members Alex, JC, Alfea, AJ)

AJAA is fresh, fun, and ready to pull your heartstrings. The band name “AJAA” is actually an abbreviation of the members’ names: Ash, JC, Axel, and Alex! Although, it’s also an excellent ode to the popular Korean phrase “Aja!” which means “Fighting!”—perfectly capturing the fire they have within to rock the PPop scene. With electrifying vocals, bright visuals, and a touch of badass rap, AJAA was born for the stage.

PPop’s Newest Caliber: G22

(L-F: G22 Members Bianca, Jaz, Alfea, AJ)

Female alphas AJ, Jaz, Alfea, and Bianca may exhibit femme softness, but beneath that? Radiating confidence and fierceness only the passionate have. As “Ppop's Newest Caliber,” G22 debuted on February 25, 2022, with a pop track entitled “Bang,” which lived up to its reputation—explosive visuals, captivating vocals, and solid dancing routines.

They have since released other titles like “Babalik” and “Defy,” but their recent track, “Takin’ Over” was picked by Mutya ng Pilipinas, the country’s most prestigious national pageant, as its official theme song for the year’s pageant. It was also their first track distributed under UMG Philippines.

The Vocal Powerhouse Collective: Yes My Love

(L-F: Yes My Love Members Jeff, Niko, Eli, RZ, Joshua and Brian)

Yes My Love expresses the voice of the modern youth. They’re unafraid to experiment with genres, as there is no room for "No" with this vocal powerhouse collective. They’re fearless, unapologetic, and ready to sing, dance, rap, and pose!

Yes My Love comprises Niko, Eli, Brian, Joshua, RZ, and Jeff. While all strong male figures, they take pride in their heart—so just say "Yes" and they'll take care of the rest!

The Monsters of PPOP: VXON

(L-F: VXON Members Sam, Patrick, C13, Franz and Enzo)

Like their namesake, VXON has a vision—and quite an excellent one at that. This Filipino boy group consists of five members, namely C13, Sam, Patrick, Vince, and Franz. They debuted with a single titled “The Beast” on January 7, 2022, which has won them fans they now endearingly call “VIXIES.”

Indeed, they are also the Monsters of PPOP. With solid moves, stunning aesthetics, and amazing vocals to back them up, it’s no wonder they’ve also released another track, “P.S,” accompanied by a music video—and there will be more on the way.

The Philippine music scene is thriving, and with the addition of these new stars to the roster of talent, there’s nowhere to go but up!

Just one more thing—do you have what it takes?


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