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OUT NOW: Alexander 23 Releases "The Hardest Part"

GRAMMY®-nominated singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Alexander 23 releases "The Hardest Part," a somber track that grapples with loss and heartbroken nostalgia. Listen to the song HERE!

Opening with gentle keys, “The Hardest Part” finds Alexander at his most vulnerable, remembering a friend he lost touch with, then lost forever. “I guess the hardest part of getting old,” he sings on the moving chorus. “Is that some people that you love don’t.” The song is a showcase for Alexander's distinctive songwriting and his ability to transform heavy emotional moments into intimate, relatable pop songs.

Watch the beautiful lyric video below!

Co-produced by Dan Nigro (Olivia Rodrigo, Carly Rae Jepsen, Conan Gray) and co-penned with Amy Allen, "The Hardest Part" is the latest taste of Alexander's forthcoming full-length debut due out later this year.

On an Instagram post, the rising artist shared more insight behind the track, “I didn’t want to put it out. It felt wrong to commoditize grief, especially as so much of it wasn’t my own." Read the full post below.

Source: @alexander23 on Instagram

Throughout 2022, Alexander has also previewed his new sound – he shared eclectic, genre-expanding songs like “Crash” and sensitive moments like “The Hardest Part,” and “Hate Me If It Helps” co-written by Olivia Rodrigo.

Listen to his other songs, if you haven't yet!


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