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One Click Straight writes a new chapter with “Hahayaan”

“Hahayaan” is part of One Click Straight’s upcoming album, one which will mark a new chapter in the band’s history. As OCS has grown in stature within the music community for its talent, creativity, and craft, the band continues to learn and listen to whatever music is around, from the Seventies to today. More importantly, whatever they learn and put into practice truly becomes their own. A song like this is no exception.

Stream the track here.

As the band grows into their own, “Hahayaan” is their way of acknowledging who helped them get to where they are. “This is [an anthem] for friendship,” says Tim Marquez, who with his brother Sam composed this song, “an anthem for those people who [accept] us for who we are.” He adds that the song says less about how life causes frustration and anger but about how people help one get through those feelings.

Watch the official music video below!

In singing about the themes of friendship and support in “Hahayaan,” One Click Straight signals how they will approach the album. “We gravitated towards a more honest, [no holds barred], no sugarcoated approach [to songwriting],” Tim says, “We just wanted to write something for the people who feel the same way as we do.” This sense of honesty and candor can be felt in many places, from the lyrics to the instrumentation, and listeners will find much to appreciate and resonate with in this powerful song.

Indeed, if honest songwriting and a willingness to grow as musicians with craft and confidence are anything to work with, OCS is definitely ready to venture into the next stage of their musical journey. However, on a far less serious note, when we asked the band how they would imagine people listening to their song, this was Sam’s winning answer:

“We imagine people jamming hard to this song while being surrounded by crashing buildings and exploding cars.”

“Hahayaan” is out now on all major music streaming platforms under Island Records Philippines.




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