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New Release From juan karlos - "SHOT PUNO" + Music Video

Bottoms up! juan karlos dropped his latest single “Shot Puno.” According to juan karlos, the song is about letting go and acceptance and how human connection helps in coping with heartache.

Listen here!

Check out the official music video below!



Juan Karlos Labajo was just 13 years old when he started his journey with music. His successful feat as a contender of The Voice Kids PH not just launched his career in the industry, it also gained him a huge following that saw the birth of a new musical genius.

He released his first two albums, JK (2015) and JKL (2017), under MCA Music. These two albums were nothing short of a masterpiece, with JK even going platinum.

The hit songs in his albums, added by his fun and unique personality, have since been well-loved by fans. Monumentally, this made JK dominate the live scene as well--putting on sold-out shows as only he can.

Amidst this huge success as an artist, JK never settled. What he really wanted is to write, produce, and sing his songs the way he hears them in his head. From his initial sound, JK shifted to alt-rock and formed his own band, juan karlos. This same band would then release the classic hit Buwan in 2018, a song that tells of an intense romance across a melody that both grooves and serenades--a new OPM identity that Juan Karlos has brought to life.




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