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“Mutual respect keeps us going”: why VVS Collective’s new single works

The VVS Collective has a new single featuring R!S of 8Ballin’, and it is called “Beep.” What is it about this new single that works?

First, we can say something about the talent it takes to pull this off. The four members of the VVS Collective, namely Gabrang, Tommy Wave, Max Dylan, and King Promdi (the group’s beat-maker), began collaborating after meeting each other at a hip-hop gig. They say that it took a while for the group to become what it is now, with different members joining and leaving the crew at various times. The initials in their group’s name are probably enigmatic: “Very Very Slight [Inclusions].” But what isn’t enigmatic is how these individuals managed to bring together their skills (very, very slightly) to achieve the goal of perfecting the craft of hip-hop.

Stream the track here!

Second, bringing in R!S as a featured artist shows that mutual respect for each other’s art is what makes a collaboration like “Beep” possible. VVS Collective tells us that they liked his style very much. They were wondering what it would sound like if they invited R!S to work with King Promdi on a track. It turned out that R!S enjoyed working on the track too because he appreciated its style. They credit Def Jam Philippines for helping smooth the process of getting them together. The label, under which “Beep” is being released, has indeed become a space where such exciting collaborations are possible.

Finally, “Beep” draws from a scenario that is at once fantastic and all too real. From the very first moment when the beat drops and the song’s chorus comes on, the image of someone who flaunts one’s wealth very ostentatiously emerges both as a subject of envy and derision. Despite its seeming light touch, the song is a creative and thoughtful take on a world where people like that Porsche owner and everyone else are further drifting apart in so many ways. The observant way this take unfolds is proof of how VVS Collective is growing in their craft as hip-hop musicians.

“We started as solo artists and thought of helping each other out,” says the VVS Collective, “and mutual respect keeps us going.” There is no better way to describe how and why artists work together, and a song like “Beep” is proof of how that work produces powerful results.

“Beep” is now out on all music streaming platforms under Def Jam Philippines.




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