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Making “Musika” together: Dionela drops his latest single.

Dionela’s latest single, “Musika,” is melodic and heartfelt. Most of all, it reflects a creative process involving a collaborator literally close to his heart. When we asked who helped him make the track, which he composed and on which he plays all the instruments, he said that it was his girlfriend Meizy. “It started when Meizy was playing the piano in a room,” he tells us in Tagalog, “She was playing the melody to which I wrote the line ‘Ikaw ang aking musika.’” He says that she was so impressed by what she played that she dared him to build a song around it. “Then the words just spilled out,” he concludes.

Listen to "MUSIKA" here!

Musika” has what Dionela calls a “magical” sound. Years of writing music for himself and others has honed his craft that meeting Meizy’s challenge was indeed magical and inspired. It shows in how he crafts this slow ballad to make it memorable and moving, bringing together each musical element as it builds up to each chorus. In fact, he says, the song has been so moving that, for some inexplicable reason, he cries whenever he hears it. He also says that those who have heard the song before its release were equally touched.

As Dionela releases “Musika,” he says that what happens next will be where that music takes him. While this track is a carefully crafted and moving song that showcases his talent, one can be sure that even more impressive and emotionally satisfying tunes are waiting around the bend.

Musika” by Dionela is a Republic Records Philippines release.



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