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Letting go to love yourself: Zack Tabudlo’s “Pero”

For Zack Tabudlo, writing a song like “Pero” marks a big shift for him thematically. “I typically do songs about bitterness, more [about] the others and the relationship,” he says, “[but] this time it’s more of letting go of a relationship [towards] self-love.” The singer-songwriter has been responsible for massive streaming hits, and this new release, which is now out on all music streaming platforms, may prove to be inspiring to his many listeners.

Stream the track here!

Zack says that while taking a social media break, he wrote “Pero” on a piano, and settled eventually upon an R&B arrangement. The song’s stark, emotional core works well either way—the lyrics tell the truth that the broken relationship broke the song’s persona and the choice he makes is to look after himself. In fact, he says that “Pero” draws from meaningful past relationship experiences, and he adds that he found it very challenging to write the song. Nevertheless, he felt that it was important to find in music a release for his emotions. This musical relief is something that many could connect with.

At the same time, Zack argues, people could connect with the kind of sound he is evoking. He argues that classic songs and sounds are still relevant or making a comeback, and people continue to listen to them. Hence, he went for a sound that still works. Zack’s awareness of what works musically and what doesn’t is another reason his songs, like “Pero,” have and will resonate with many.

Zack hopes to continue releasing music and other content under Republic Records, and he hints at exciting new things to come. Until then, his listeners have this musical gift that may help them through emotionally trying times.



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