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“Multihyphenate keshi is about to show the world what he’s all about on his upcoming debut album.” — NOTION

keshi delivers his debut studio album with the release of his magnum opus, GABRIEL. The album, for the first time, finds the 27-year-old singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist as the main character of his sonically articulated world.

GABRIEL is a record that turned out much more personal than I intended from the beginning,” keshi shared. “It ended up being a means for me to process the experience of having transitioned from a much less public life to another I’m having a little more trouble navigating recently. I was also reminded how fun making music is supposed to feel, and that it’s just as much listened to as its lyrics are heard. It’s an album that I hope is candid, varied, and one you can come back to again and again.” Stream GABRIEL through this link:

Watch the official music video for "ANGOSTURA" below!

While the title GABRIEL isn’t related to anyone in particular, it is a name that keshi personally likes and he believes naming an album is like naming your firstborn child.

Whether it’s the adrenaline surging single “GET IT” or tracks like “HELL/HEAVEN” and “ANGEL” that’s powered by emotionally forward songwriting, keshi fuses genres with life experiences and his intuition to create an album that’s intentionally designed and built to evoke a certain feeling.

Buy/Stream “GET IT” through this link:, if you haven't yet!

“I started thinking about how being an artist is more than being a songwriter, being a singer, and even more than being a producer,” keshi said. “It’s about understanding the ins and outs of a world that you build for someone to listen to and live inside. That was really important for me to understand my musical journey.”

With the release of GABRIEL, there’s no signs of winding down for keshi. But even as his starpower continues to grow, keshi remains present and thankful, knowing that even if GABRIEL withstands the test of time, this debut will forever be a cherished moment in time.

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