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Jonas Brothers songs as Olympics Sports - which sport are you playing?

Jonas Brothers released a special song “Remember This” For NBCUniversal’s US Coverage of the Tokyo Olympics. “Remember This” might just be one of their most upbeat, undeniable, and uplifting anthems to date. On the track, guitar echoes as percussive production ramps up towards the expansive and engaging chant, “Used to pray for a moment just like this, there’s a fire in your eyes I can’t resist, baby we’re gonna wanna remember this.” Check out the official video to the song here: *embed video IMAGINE THIS - you are nominated to join the Olympics based on your favorite Jonas Brothers song. Do you think you can bring home a medal for the Philippines? What A Man Gotta Do - BASKETBALL Pom Poms - ROWING Sucker - FENCING S.O.S. - 3X3 BASKETBALL Cool - SURFING/ARTISTIC SWIMMING Burnin’ Up - TAEKWONDO Year 3000 - BOBSLEIGH When You Look Me In The Eyes - BOXING Lovebug - EQUESTRIAN Rollercoaster - MODERN PENTATHLON Love Her - SHOOTING Don’t Throw It Away - TABLE TENNIS Trust - VOLLEYBALL Check out all the sports in the Olympics here:



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