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Jeremy Zucker ft. BENEE NEW SINGLE “I’m So Happy”

Multi-Platinum Certified singer, songwriter, and producer Jeremy Zucker returns with a new collaboration with New Zealand alt-pop star BENEE entitled “I’m So Happy”. It marks his first release since 2021 and kickstarts a new sonic chapter.

Listen to “I’m So Happy” feat. BENEE HERE.

“I’m So Happy” sees Jeremy evolve once again. His voice rises and falls in waves of delicate emotion over a rich sonic landscape, and meanwhile, BENEE provides an equally irresistible verse as both artists’ collective voices melt into an addictive hook. Most importantly, “I’m So Happy” heralds Jeremy’s next era as it paves the way for his forthcoming new project and much more to come.

Jeremy says, “‘I’m so happy’ is a song about fantasy. I wanted to flip the idea of longing; instead of wishing to be somewhere with a special someone, I wrote the song while wishing to be somewhere *without* someone. The contradiction of the lyrics versus the instrumental is what I love most about it. Sonically, it has elements that may remind listeners of my old songs. I’m so grateful to BENEE for her part in creating this song – I hope you guys love it as much as we loved making it.”

BENEE chimes in, saying, “When Jeremy first sent me the song, I was instantly drawn to the lyrics. I love how this song makes me feel when I sing it.. especially the hook! For me, this song is definitely about coming out the other end of getting over the wrong person & them finally being out of your life lol. I was so stoked to work on this song with him & was equally stoked with being able to make the video with him in LA.”

Last year, Jeremy dropped his sophomore LP CRUSHER to widespread acclaim. Beyond gathering 140 million total streams, office magazine hailed it as “very intimate, while EUPHORIA. raved, “CRUSHER is arguably Jeremy Zucker’s most raw and emotionally in tune project to date.” Consequence proclaimed, “Jeremy Zucker’s new album CRUSHER features him leaning heavier into a more anthemic, live feel.”

Get ready for more from Jeremy Zucker soon!


MANILA - OCT. 08 (Saturday)



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