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“Intertwine” marks a first for Over October

Over October’s story is, in a way, intertwined with The Ridleys’ story, and this intertwining grows deeper than it first appears. Josh Buizon, Over October’s vocalist, says that he has known the Ridleys vocalist Benny Manaligod since their childhood, and their parents are friends. Benny adds that “Intertwine,” the first and much-awaited collaboration between these two bands, is his and Josh’s joint present for Diego, Benny’s cousin, and his fiancé Alison as they are about to be married. On November 25, this wedding gift of a song becomes a present for the bands’ fans and music lovers everywhere.

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The impending nuptials, though, was just one of several reasons “Intertwine” came about. Over October and the Ridleys have overlapping fan groups and calls for a collaboration have been raised over the years. Josh also says that what he had in mind was a sequel to Over October’s first single and fan favorite “Arbitrary,” and he even came up with a first verse and some other parts. It was when he sought Benny’s help and the happy occasion arose that the song came together, he says.

The bands worked together on “Intertwine”, with its various members bringing their instrumental and producing talents into the track. Joshua Lua, Over October’s second guitarist, says that the challenge of making the track was trying to put together the bands’ multiple guitarists and their two drummers’ respective parts. The song is a remarkable feat for that reason, and both bands say that there was a lot of give and take involved in putting this recording together.

Benny says that Over October is a band that the Ridleys have admired since the latter band started, and in fact, Josh Buizon was responsible for giving them their one of their first gigs. For that reason, he says, it is an honor to work with them. At the same time, Over October’s positive experience with “Intertwine” and the Ridleys is what makes Josh hopeful that more of these collaborations emerge in the future.

Josh is excited to share a collaboration with fans who have been eager for it over the years. Beyond the joyful occasion for which “Intertwine” was written, the two bands are collaborating on a series of gigs to mark the release of the single. It’s time to celebrate love with Over October, the Ridleys, and their musical friends as this year comes to an end.

Intertwine” is an Island Records Philippines release and it is now out on all music streaming platforms!





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