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Imagining freedom: BLASTER’s new single is a trip through the cosmos

When BLASTER talks about the process of writing his new single with Island Records Philippines, “O Kay Ganda,” it seems that this may have been one of the most exciting composition processes. “It’s very similar to film scoring,” he says, “because when I was making the song, I imagined a scenario where I was exploring the universe and just basically made a soundtrack for it.” How that exploration would come about is something that remains in BLASTER’s imagination; we await the music video if he has something in mind.


BLASTER’s new single is a classic three-piece rock band performance, featuring him on guitar, Lorenzo “Max” Cinco on drums, and Dave Jazz Silonga on bass. The track was recorded at Kosmik Island Studios engineered by Dan Tanedo and mastered by Sam Marquez. BLASTER says that this final recorded version sounds very close to what he had in mind for the demo. He says, “I already decided what sound I was going for when I wrote it.” The song’s sonic template, he adds, is based on recent listening to music by the Strokes and Radiohead, and he aimed to bring together features of what these bands do.

As the song’s title implies (and the lyrics make very clear), “O Kay Ganda” is a happy celebration of freedom and exploration. BLASTER admits that the song was a result of a recent optimistic streak on his part, and adds, “It’s a song about looking forward to tomorrow.” We look forward to the track dropping on September 21 on major streaming services.

BLASTER also teased about his upcoming debut album “My Kosmic Island Disk” that will be out soon on October 8.





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