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huhsmile just wants to be sure

The singer-songwriter releases her new single “Naninigurado”

The multi-talented huhsmile launches her latest single “Naninigurado,” a song about the perils of overthinking. The song is out on major streaming services under UMG Philippines. huhsmile composed the song. Tiny Corpuz, Felichi Salva Cruz, and David Generato produced the track.

huhsmile’s music engages with various aspects of her life, and “Naninigurado” is no exception. “I didn’t…have the best self-esteem [before],” she says, “so this song was really me trying to grapple with how dispensable I feel to people—how easily replaceable I thought I was.” Like a good number of her songs, this one is an excellent example of how she uses music to help her be honest with herself about who she is and how she feels.

“Naninigurado” had its origins as one of a number of what huhsmile calls “vent” songs that she recorded on her phone. Some time ago, she says that she rediscovered the song on Soundcloud where she uploaded her earlier tunes. “I remember how I wrote it, and I remembered exactly the lyrics I had [written],” she says, “It felt like my body just knew the song again instinctively when I found it in my files again.” She sent the recording along to her producers and they agreed that it just might work.

The song goes down easy, and that is what huhsmile has in mind. “I hope this song makes [people] less alone,” she says, “I know the lyrics are a little sad, but I hope the treatment that we did for the song makes the feelings easier to deal with.” She adds that it is easier for people to take heartbreak in a song if it sounds more upbeat. She hopes that people will listen to the song and relate with the experience.

While huhsmile tries not to get her hopes up when releasing songs, primarily to avoid disappointment, she does enjoy the fact that songs like this one become part of people’s Tiktok videos or memes, or, as she puts it, “special songs for their favorite characters.” She concludes, “I hope people treat this release kindly as well. J”


huhsmile wears her heart on her sleeve

Who is huhsmile?

Eunice Gatdula is the young woman behind huhsmile. Influenced by Moonstar88 and Silent Sanctuary, she finds her niche as a pop musician with a story to share. It is a story of someone who is thriving and surviving despite her circumstances. She wants to explore what it means to be a woman in the Philippines with particular lived experiences in her music.

Eunice has seen a lot in her life so far. She left a somewhat complicated household at one point in her life. Since then, she has been living and working alone. She was diagnosed with clinical depression, something with which she is coping to this day. It was her mental health issues that led to her leaving home. She says that her family did not take her problems seriously. Thus, she had to leave home and work to raise money for her medical expenses.

Eunice’s story is just an example of how mental health issues such as depression are difficult to discuss. At the same time, her willingness to be open about them reflects changing attitudes in society. Such voices help destigmatize depression, for example, and empower others to talk about it and seek help.

Eunice plays the guitar and some other instruments as well (on a basic level). Among her earliest musical experiences was singing her first song with a choir. She describes this as a humbling experience. While she strongly connects with pop, her musical tastes range from blues and jazz to electronic and folk. When asked which artists would appear on her dream Fans Also Like list on Spotify, she chose acts such as Autotelic, Clara Benin, Reese Lansangan, SZA, Silent Sanctuary, and I Belong to the Zoo. She describes her music as “poppy, honest, snarky, cute.”

When not making music, Eunice loves to express herself in many other ways. She draws and writes comics. She makes (online) content, vlogs, and memes. She also likes to make people laugh. She says Halloween is her favorite holiday, and her dream vacation is a week at the beach with her friends at an Airbnb (with Wi-Fi, of course). She tends to find her role models among her friends and acquaintances.

Eunice’s overall vision is “to wear my heart on a sleeve and stand for the things that are important for me.” She defines success as positively affecting a significant enough number of people without going hungry along the way. Her goals include making music, reaching more people through it, and producing an EP or album. She hopes to collaborate with other musicians and know the music community as she grows in her craft.

With clear goals and dreams in mind, huhsmile is on her way to make a difference as an artist, inspiring others with her music and other talents.



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