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Updated: Nov 8, 2021

ICYMI: Hit songs so far this 2021 that you need to add to your music playlist, ASAP! 🎶🎧▶️

Haven’t added new music to your highly-accurate-for-every-mood playlists yet? If you badly need a reminder of those songs you recently vibed with, we think we can help. Whether it's a powerhouse lead single, a brooding deep cut hugot track, or a one-off dance floor bop, nothing has the power to move and transform quite like a great tune! Here are some of our fave hit tracks so far this 2021 that should find home on some of your self-curated playlists for your daily activities!


1. Olivia Rodrigo – drivers license If you haven’t imagined yourself driving without destination while crying to a non-existent love life while listening to this song, you must have been living under a rock! When we say perfect hugot song, you say…… “RED LIGHTS, STOP SIGNS, I STILL SEE YOUR FACE IN THE WHITE CARS, FRONT YARDS!”

2. Ariana Grande – 34 + 35 A pop star and a math whiz? We absolutely stan. This song gave us the best puns and meme content while enjoying Ariana’s pop queen energy. BRB: dancing to this masterpiece again.

3. Maximillian, Moira dela Torre – Beautiful Scars 20 year old Danish rising star Maximilian released a new version of his 2019 viral hit ‘Beautiful Scars” in cooperation with Top Spotify Philippines Female artist, singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre! The updated version was the perfect year-starter for Maximillian and Moira’s fans as they revealed the collaboration during the 2021 New Year’s Day event: BYE 2020! The duet between the two hitmakers and the original song was a smash hit in the Philippines, reaching triple-platinum status there, and with over 45 million streams on Spotify in 2020 alone.

5. Zack Tabudlo – Binibini ‘Binibini’ is the ultimate love song of 2021 (already claiming it!!) Alternative pop and R&B artist Zack Tabudlo’s song about the “indescribable attraction between two lovers” has broken a record on Spotify as the longest-running number 1 local track by a Filipino RADAR artist on the Philippines Top 50 Chart this year!!

6. Justin Bieber – peaches (feat. Daniel Ceasar, Giveon) When you know every response lyric to “I got my peaches out in Georgia…” then you definitely have to add this chart-topping track from Bieber’s album “Justice” -- From trending make-up transformation Tiktok Videos, to song and dance covers, and to local TV programs and radio, this song has been everywhere globally and we get the hype… it’s a bop!

7. Taylor Swift – Fearless (Taylor’s Version) When Taylor Swift (a.k.a. The Music Industry) announced that she planned to re-record each of her albums to effectively take control of her masters, the move was quintessential Taylor: strategic, savvy, and easily mapped onto an empowerment narrative.

8. Olivia Rodrigo – déjà vu No you are not getting ‘déjà vu’ (pun intended)… yes we have our second Olivia Rodrigo hit on this list and we’re not sorry at all! This banger was the perfect follow-up single to a heart-wrenching heartbreak anthem. “Déjà vu” continues the narrative of Olivia’s diary style storytelling, making any listener be reminiscent of their heartbreak experiences.

9. The Weeknd, Ariana Grande – Save Your Tears (Remix) With the addition of Ariana Grande and a new verse from the opposing perspective, “Save Your Tears” finally finds the missing pieces to make everything truly click. The song was already solid in its original form, but the remix helps add more gravity to the song, especially in the greater contexts of the After Hours universe and the previous Weeknd/Ariana duets!

10. Zack Tabudlo - Nangangamba A complicatedly lucid song for the confused- Zack says the song is a letter to someone who’s scared to commit and admit their feelings for a person. We just have to admit that we’ve been there at least once, so definitely: a good add to your hugot playlist.

11. Olivia Rodrigo – good 4 u Well… a third Olivia Rodrigo song, really? YES, REALLY! Good 4 her because her third single pre-’SOUR’ album release was as big as a hit… or even bigger than her first two singles. Olivia surprises everyone with her shift to a pop-punk sound and genre-bending style. I know a lot of us still have our “It wasn’t a phase, mom” playlists, so might as well add this gem there.

12. Maroon 5 – Beautiful Mistakes Right from the start of this track, you can sense you’re in for a chillin, cruisy ride. The intro features beautiful & soothing atmospheric guitars blended with distant vocal licks. If you close your eyes, you can almost feel the warmth and radiance of the sun on your face. Always a yes for road-trip-pop-jams!



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