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Here's why you should listen to Maximillian's album, Too Young

Maximillian’s album, Too Young, brings us through the journey of experiencing the different aspects of love in life, the good, the bad, and everything in between. Here are the 11 tracks and everything you need to know about them:

1. Turn Around

We've all been in that place where we look at our friends and see the dark road they're going down on. While in some cases, they choose to take the road alone, "Turn Around" shares the sentiments for being there for the people you love, and sometimes letting them know you're there to listen is more than enough.

2. Mirror

It’s so easy to get lost in the notion of losing ourselves. We stare into our reflection hoping to see someone familiar, yet all that looks back is a stranger. "Mirror" is an honest song that speaks volume on reconnecting with yourself after feeling lost. Definitely adding this to my playlist for self-reflection!

3. With You

"Follow your heart". However, that might not always be the smartest move. If you've ever found yourself in a situation of being with someone you know isn't the best for you, "With You" is the perfect song to put on repeat. Because while we love being with them, sometimes the smartest option is to listen to our heads and run for the hills.

4. Happier

"Happier" follows the a stage of confronting a breakup– bargaining. We've all, unfortunately, been there and understand the concept of wanting someone back and knowing that we can make them happier. While it's probably a mindset we shouldn't have, I'll definitely be saving this track for future purposes.

5. Love Like This

While we're afraid to admit it, we've somehow been at the end of a stick of a somewhat toxic relationship. The push-and-pull ideology of loving someone yet hurting them in the process. "Love Like This" speaks volumes of the toxic love we unfortunately get into, it's knowing that if someone loves like this, it's better for us to close the door and look ahead.

6. Purple Trees (We Can Just Dance)

Do you ever just have those moments when you're with that specific person and your heart just stops? No? Yeah, me neither. If it were me though, then "Purple Trees (We Can Just Dance)" would be the first on my ~ late night drives ~ playlist as I can only imagine vibing to this song whilst dancing under the moonlight.

7. Losing Game

Admittedly, love isn't the easiest thing. While its highs can be absolutely enthralling and amazing, the lows can be heartbreaking and horrifyingly terrible. "Losing Game" tells us just that as its lyrics equate love to a game you're destined to lose.

8. Cheater

If you've ever found yourself relating to this song, know that you deserve so much better! "Cheater" speaks for itself as it's very straightforward in its message of knowing your self worth and finally letting go of the people who made you realize you deserve so much more.

9. Too Young

They say love can move mountains, but sometimes even that isn't enough. "Too Young" tells the story of slowly accepting the end of a relationship and understanding that despite things ending, there was love and sometimes that's more than enough. It's an honest song that tackles the reality of a losing love, especially at such a young age. As they say, we can't have it all.

10. Forget Me

While "Forget Me" talks about the end of a relationship, it mainly focuses on remembering the great things during your time together. It's in the little moments of walking by parks and overlooking night skies that you realize just what an amazing time you had together, despite drifting apart.

11. Letters

Arguably one of the most heartbreaking songs in the album, "Letters" tells the story of a friendship that extends through life and death itself. It shares the importance of telling the people we love that we love them, even before they're gone. It's a song that reminds us that this type of love is one of the most important love of all.




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