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(G)I-DLE Releases 1st Full Album 'I NEVER DIE'


(G)I-DLE announces their splendid comeback with the simultaneous worldwide release of [I NEVER DIE], their first full album since their debut. With the release of ‘HWAA’ in 2021, they set new records for the team by topping the iTunes album charts in 52 regions around the world, showing remarkable potential in the music industry both in Korea and abroad. Through this album, they plan to continue their unrivaled career as a hot global artist once again by conveying (G)I-DLE’s existence and value.

[I NEVER DIE] is an album that captures (G)I-DLE’s feelings and thoughts about not only what is given to them, but also all prejudices of the world. (G)I-DLE who faces the world without backing off keeps their values, saying “I’m just me”.

The nine tracks of various genres including alternative rock, pop, R&B, and hip-hop in the album clearly reveal (G)I-DLE’s free-spirited and fierce color, foreshadowing the birth of another hit album. The producing abilities of (G)I-DLE, who participated in the songwriting process of all tracks including the title track ‘TOMBOY’, are also enough to attract global fans' attention.

The title track ‘TOMBOY’ fully reveals (G)I-DLE’s unique confident attitude. The straightforward lyrics like “I’m not a doll” and “Just me I-DLE” remind the listeners of uncontrollable eccentric characters and express daring charms. In addition, the hook, which combines (G)I-DLE’s unique voice with rough and magnificent instrumental sounds, and the addictive variation section that plays when the mood heightens are also elements to look forward to.

The three visual concepts herald various emotions by capturing (G)I-DLE’s mature facial expressions and visuals, consisting of the breathtaking noir style ‘RiSKY’, the relaxed and cool revenge squad concept ‘CHiLL’, and ‘SPOiLED’, which expresses the unruly but irresistible protagonist. Moreover, the music video depicts the rebellious and bold heroine who won’t let anything hurt herself rather than the cliché story of a heroine who sheds tears for love, leaving a lingering impression much like that comes from watching a tense noir film.

(G)I-DLE once again proves their irreplaceable presence by showcasing their unique individual charms with [I NEVER DIE]. Just as there is no end to the genre of (G)I-DLE, their musical journey will also continue limitlessly. All eyes are focused on the global syndrome that (G)I-DLE will bring about in 2022.



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