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fromis_9 Welcomes 4th EP 'Midnight Guest'

Following a memorable year that firmly positioned fromis_9 as the go-to group for comfort and encouragement, the group of 9 is making a high-spirited return with their 4th EP Midnight Guest. The new album sets out to knock on the door of listeners’ hearts and keep them company through the darkest hours of the night.

Midnight Guest follows the story of fromis_9 making an escape from home past midnight, promising an exciting visit to those undergoing a colorless night of boredom. Listeners are guided to vicariously live the moments of breaking free and of traversing through bright colors of the night in the city, of which thrills and unexpected encounters are vividly laid across the tracks.

Midnight Guest comprises a total of five tracks, including the lead single "DM."

Driven by elements of pop, "DM" portrays the excitement of breaking free and the feelings of a racing heart from confessing one’s feelings to their crush. The track paints a picture of a bright city night and a sense of love as it first begins to grow, through a sentimental chord progression and a funky bass line. Laced with fromis_9’s endearing charms, the striking chorus of the track instantly hooks the listener in.

Amplifying the allure of “DM” is a captivating performance that accompanies the song. Following the opening sequence that proves to be a work of art, the dynamic choreography and the performance of the nine members perfected down to the fingertips leave no room for doubt in the act’s dedication and capacity to stage a powerful performance.

After opening the album with the dreamy R&B dance track "Escape Room” and the lead single “DM,” fromis_9 is divided into two units to delve deeper into the their sentiments through the the pop ballad "Love is Around" (LEE SAE ROM, SONG HA YOUNG, JANG GYU RI, LEE CHAE YOUNG), and the house-based track "Hush Hush" (PARK JI WON, ROH JI SUN, LEE SEO YEON, LEE NA GYUNG, BAEK JI HEON). Backed by a gentle synth base, “0g” concludes the journey through the diverse emotions and complex subtleties of a colorful city night as vividly imagined by fromis_9.


1. Escape Room


3. Love is Around

4. Hush Hush

5. 0g



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