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To commemorate the release of their NFT collection, Florian Picasso - the great grandson of the famed artist, adopted by Picasso’s granddaughter Marina - collaborated with John Legend and Nas on a new track titled "Tomorrow.” - now available. The song was produced and co-written by British artist and producer-legend Stuart Price. Each NFT from the release is be backed by the audio from "Tomorrow," creating a singular visual and sonic experience.

The NFT collection is segmented into different lots, with 5 limited sets of 200 NFT's being sold via their own marketplace, powered by Origin Story. There will be a further release via Nifty Gateway of a limited set of 10 pieces, combining for a total of 1010 NFT’s for sale.

There will be a third part to the collection that is a 1-of-1 NFT paired with a physcial piece of Pablo Picasso artwork from 1958, that will be sold alongside the limited set of 10 via Nifty Gateway as a 24 hour auction starting on Thursday, February 3rd @ 6:30pm est and concluding Friday, February 4th at 6:30pm est. This event marks the first time ever an NFT marketplace has sold a physical piece of fine art.

Helmed and executive produced by long-time Florian Picasso manager, Cyril Noterman, Alex Harrow and Lucas Keller of Milk & Honey, Nicholas Guarino of Art Redefined, global hit-maker Stuart Price, as well as David Brady of Spin Artist Agency, the collection is the first in a series that will be presented by Marina and Florian Picasso, paired with collaborations from some of today’s most important musicians.

A portion of the NFT proceeds will be donated towards Nurse Heroes - a charity organization working to create a future without a shortage of nurses in the workforce, as well as Carbon180; a new breed of climate-focused NGO on a mission to fundamentally rethink carbon.




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