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ENHYPEN introduces 1st studio repackaged album 'Dimension : ANSWER'

Your new K-pop destination ENHYPEN are back with 1st Studio Repackage Album DIMENSION : ANSWER.

After their successful debut and release of 1st Mini Album BORDER : DAY ONE on November 30, 2020 and 2nd Mini Album BORDER : CARNIVAL on April 26, 2021, the record-breaking K-pop prodigies broke their own records and reached new heights with 1st Studio Album DIMENSION : DILEMMA released on October 12. Having further solidified their status as the new destination for K-pop fans everywhere, ENHYPEN returns three months later with their 1st Studio Repackage Album DIMENSION : ANSWER.

The boys were always playing a winning game. They took advantage of what was given to them and considered the rules and conditions of society that tried to tame them as “blessings.” Now that they‘ve realized the ways of the world, this all feels rather like a “curse.”

They’re well aware that following the rules of society is the easy way to go, but now that they have faced the truth and witnessed for themselves the chaos surrounding them, they’re determined to break free of the world that’s holding them back. The album’s lead single “Blessed-Cursed” is the band’s declaration to the world—“I’ll go my own way.”

The music video for “Blessed-Cursed” plays with the trending Y2K aesthetic to deliver retro vibes. In the music video which embodies the Y2K feel, the septet individually express their inner turmoil within a space decorated by different colors and structures reminiscent of the late 1990s going into the early 2000s. ENHYPEN also showcase their trademark powerful and synchronized choreography in a set characterized by a variety of light fixtures and primary colors to perfectly recreate the feel of the past. In particular, the scene where the members countdown together to welcome the 2000s not only explicitly portrays the Y2K theme and the retro mood the video intends to reflect, but also enhances the overall visual appeal.

In DIMENSION : ANSWER, 3 new songs—“Blessed-Cursed,” “Polaroid Love,” and “Outro : Day 2”—are added to the previous tracklist from DIMENSION : DILEMMA. With an even wider selection of genres, ENHYPEN’s newest 11-track album is sure to satisfy global listeners.


1. Intro : Whiteout “Intro : White Out” opens the album as a continuation from “Outro : The Wormhole,” the grand finale to the band’s 2nd Mini Album BORDER : CARNIVAL. It expresses the emotions of all senses disappearing when faced with a multifaceted and hyperdimensional world past the wormhole. This Breakbeat genre track is characterized by synth sounds, a groovy breakbeat, and the members’ simultaneous vocal accompaniment.

2. Tamed-Dashed “Tamed-Dashed” is a New Wave track that features a guitar and synth sound reminiscent of the 80’s. It calls into question a dilemma of choice: to be “tamed” by one’s desires, or to “dash” to find the answers to address one’s predicament. An intense garage bass sound and a powerful EDM-style synth bass makes the listener feel exhilarated as though they’re running in tempo with the track.

3. Upper Side Dreamin’ “Upper Side Dreamin'' is an Electro Funk track that combines old school vibes with contemporary musical elements. A boy, in admiration of the affluent “Upper Side'' neighborhood, yearns to be a part of that world, but falls into a dilemma comparing his internal desires to his existing reality. Listeners will naturally find themselves grooving along to the catchy and nostalgic sound sources such as scratch sounds and vocal effects.

4. Just A Little Bit An acoustic easy listening track “Just A Little Bit” tells the story of a boy who meets a “you” who is different from anyone he has ever met before in a world that he thought was already perfect. The boy who once felt in control comes face-to-face with a “you” whom he encounters for the first time. He is caught off guard, but nevertheless, continues to fall for them and realizes that as unfamiliar as these emotions may be, he isn’t opposed to them. Compared to “10 Months” and “Not For Sale” from the band’s ‘BORDER’ series albums, which express the clumsy, yet innocent emotions of young love, “Just A Little Bit” captures the band’s emotional growth and maturity.

5. Go Big or Go Home An EDM track that combines Disco & Tech House genres, “Go Big or Go Home'' candidly reflects the “go big or go home” mentality of today’s youth that is used to the extreme odds of 0 against 100. Viewing life in black and white, with an “all or nothing,” “success or failure” mindset, the boys express their baseless confidence that they’ll hit the jackpot.

6. Blockbuster feat. YEONJUN of TOMORROW X TOGETHER “Blockbuster” is a Hybrid Hip-Hop track combining Pop Rock and Rap sounds that reflects a boy’s desire to live life like a blockbuster movie star. As a song filled with confidence and bold determination to make the world revolve around oneself, the guitar distortion effects deliver a powerful energy. The track features rapping by fellow HYBE Labels artist, TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s YEONJUN.

7. Attention, please! “Attention, please!” is a 90’s Alternative Rock track that sings of a boy who is caught in the choice between love and popularity. The boy desperately wants to attract others’ attention and become the “cool kid,” but his crush dislikes him for his popularity. The dilemma the boy faces in having to choose between being liked by many, or gaining the heart of one—his crush—is expressed through electric guitar distortion, 808 bass, and an intense drum backing.

8. Interlude : Question “Interlude : Question” concludes ENHYPEN’s 1st Studio Album DIMENSION : DILEMMA. The Big Beat-based Jazz & Soul track features vintage string and brass sounds fused with a future-based bass progression. “What should I do?”, “Who am I?”—the questions the boys ask themselves to come to terms with their changing identity in a complicated world suggest a link and foreshadow the themes of their next album. HEESEUNG, JAY and JAKE participated in the narration.

9. Blessed-Cursed “Blessed-Cursed” is the lead single of ENHYPEN’s 1st Studio Repackage Album DIMENSION : ANSWER in which the band declares “I wanna be wanna be on my way” after realizing what they once considered a “blessing” was actually all a “curse.” A Hybrid Hip-Hop track that fuses Hip-Hop and 1970’s Hard Rock, “Blessed-Cursed” attracts listeners with the raw feel of the hard rock guitar, as well as its sophisticated yet intense hip-hop sound.

10. Polaroid Love “Polaroid Love” is a Pop R&B easy listening track that seamlessly blends EP sounds with smooth vocals. To boys who are already familiar with the emotion of love, raw polaroid photos are simply ordinary, and yet there’s something about them that feels new and special. The boys begin to draw parallels between love and a polaroid as love, which once seemed like a common and apparent emotion, has lit a spark within them. A special moment with a loved one captured on a polaroid isn’t like a trend or craze that easily comes and goes, but rather a cherishable memory that lasts forever.

11. Outro : Day 2 "Outro: Day 2," which concludes DIMENSION: ANSWER, is an ambient rock-based track that immediately captures the listener in the first half with the gate synthesizer and delivers a space-like feel. It tells a story of the boys putting a restless and hectic day in the past to welcome a new day only to realize that they have an empty space in their planner that they now need to fill in for themselves.

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