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Endless Click for the Replay Button with One Click Straight’s New Track

New single alert from your favorite pop band! One Click Straight just released the perfect song about you, and how you should deal with all life’s pressure— Dahan-Dahan.

Stream "Dahan-Dahan" here!

Contrary to the fast and aggressive rhythm of this bop, Dahan-Dahan is a reminder that you can take things slow if you must. Sometimes, it is more important to prioritize taking care of yourself.

The track, as what the band wants to address, is about dealing with all the pressure of needing to be successful, the need to have money, the need to trend and to have a purpose in this music industry and all these things. In an ever-changing society, it always feels like we’re being left behind and we lose ourselves trying to keep up with it

Drummer Tim Marquez—who will be singing lead vocal for the first time—shares, “Dahan-Dahan was a song inspired by a dark time in my life. I wanted to write something that could be a reminder to myself and to other people that taking care of yourself, mentally and emotionally, is sometimes more important than pursuing your dreams.

Starting its release on November 18 at 123 block, Dahan-Dahan’s 80’s post-punk sonic is set to be your outlet for your frustrations from all societal pressures. Experience finding yourselves despite feeling lost in your heads with this lyrical masterpiece from One Click Straight.

Dahan-Dahan is only the start of more shows, more music, and definitely more rad times for One Click Straight and their fans. Their much-awaited second full-length album will be out January 13!





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