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Elise Huang’s new single, “Blind,” explores new sounds and styles

“This song is very personal to me,” Elise Huang says of her new single, “It’s also the first time I wrote a melody like this, and it’s so exciting to finally unlock different sounds and ways to write my songs.” That song is “Blind,” in which Huang composed the song, and Karlo Maglasang and Sam de Leon produced it. Elise Huang sang and played electric guitar on the track, while Daniel Monong played drums, and de Leon was on bass. Listen to the song HERE!

While Huang says that “Blind” is a long way from her early songs, including “Coffee,” the song continues her journey as a songwriter exploring topics that connect with her listeners’ experiences. The song, she says, “is about not seeing the bad in people until it is too late.” The song is written from the perspective of someone in a relationship that turns out to be not quite what it seems. Its electronic beats undergird the emotional honesty that her voice expresses. It all comes together in a perfect little musical package.

Watch the lyric video below!

“Blind” Huang says, is perfect for listening to on a rainy day in a cold place—going through a breakup or a falling out (at least from her experience). That experience bore fruit with the song and what it has to say to its listeners. “I wrote this song as a reminder to not let myself be taken for granted,” she says, “to still love, but [to] know when to say, ‘I need space’ or ‘this is not okay.’” Evoking an old Latin maxim, she concludes, “You can’t give what you don’t have, and neither can they.”

Huang hopes to continue making music and performing it, especially as things slowly return to normal. If this track is any indication, her musical explorations will continue with the rawness and honesty that makes her music her own.


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