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Elise Huang covers a 2000s love song and goes back to her roots

A song like “You Won’t See Me Crying” was part of the musical ether of the late 1995s and it was released in digital in early 2000s. The song, released by the band Passage, appeared on radio station playlists for several years since its 1995 composition, including pop and smooth jazz ones. The song is an example of a particular genre of love songs, the kind that speaks of heartbreak and the possible parting of ways. Luchie’s daughter Elise pays tribute to her mother’s musical legacy by taking on this song and is sure to bring back memories for listeners young and old.


“My mom, Luchie Huang, was the singer for Passage when they released their version of this,” says Elise, I would hear my mom on the radio, on TV, and even at home when my dad would play her music.” It was a song she would constantly sing. Even in her college years when “Crying” became a definitive local pop standard, she could still hear it around. “I’ve watched her perform this song so many times and so perfectly,” she says, “This [cover version] is personal to me because of my mom.”

Sam de Leon and Karlo Maglasang (AKA knōwmaad) produced and arranged this version of “Crying,” which Elise and her colleagues worked on after the Elise, Live EP. She and Sam had thought of recording her take on this song for four years, but she lacked the resources to pull it off. After working on the live EP, she saw the chance to record the cover at last.

What makes this take on “Crying” different is what Elise calls a “modern old school style.” For those familiar with the original, the instrumentation is not the only thing that stands out. She draws on the lyrical overtones of the song and produces a bluesy touch with reworked lyrics and melodic lines. This is not just a “by the numbers” cover, but one that takes the song in a new direction. Listeners will discover a fresh take on the song’s emotional resonances.

Elise Huang’s take on “Crying” brings a new generation of listeners closer to Passage’s contribution to the OPM repertoire, one which has been covered by many over the years. For her, though, the highest compliment that this version could receive is Luchie Huang’s stamp of approval. “[It] was rewarding to hear my mom saying she liked it when it was done,” Elise says, “My journey in the music scene would not have existed if it weren’t for my mom (and my dad) so this rendition is also for them.” It was therefore a moving moment when Luchie and Elise performed “Crying” together at the Nomad Music Festival, demonstrating the power of music that spans generations.

“You Won’t See Me Crying” is now out on all music streaming platforms under Island Records Philippines.





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