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DAZE is a born and raised rapper in Angeles City, Pampanga whose music is a colorful reflection of his identity, community, and beliefs. A boy from the province who wants to make it big in the city, he aims to shake up the local rap and hip-hop music scene by adding some vibrance and good vibes to a genre that’s generally known to be dark and heavy.

Creating an immersive sound and cinematic style of storytelling that listeners can easily get lost (or find themselves) in, DAZE’s catchy hooks paired with simple but humorous lyricism can cut across both his peers and generations.

DAZE’s goal is to channel his boundless energy and creativity toward creating music that everyone can resonate with and vibe to. His music makes the ultimate soundtrack for good mornings, head-bopping, and sweet loving – your daily dose of bop love vibes.

Nearly a year in the making, “G.G.D.” is the third collab single of DAZE this time featuring ‘Neneng B’ and ‘Lexi’ hitmaker rapper Nik Makino. “G.G.D.” is a song about both rappers’ weakness to good girls. Like a drug, good girls are the fix DAZE and Nik Makino look and chase after hence, G.G.D. being short for good girl drug.

The beats and synth paired with the smooth and silky voices of DAZE and Nik Makino make “G.G.D.” a trancelike track that will get you to vibe for hours– never not wanting for the high to end. Dazed by the vibe and hooked on the witty but catchy lyrics,”G.G.D.” is so good, one can get addicted just by listening to it.



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