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Hailing from Houston, Texas, d4vd (pronounced “David”) is the newcomer taking music fans by storm with breakout single “Romantic Homicide.” The 17-year-old songwriter and genre-blending artist, signed to Darkroom/Interscope Records on Sept 07,2022, shares the official music video for the song which has over 39 million plays across platforms. Creative directed by d4vd and influenced by his love for anime and noir films, the video shares the hauntingly emotive nature of the song.

In less than a month of being released, “Romantic Homicide” has soared through the charts, peaking at #15 on the Spotify US Top 50 chart and #1 on Spotify US Viral chart. The track, which is also sitting at #12 spot on Billboard’s Hot Rock and Alternative charts, pulls almost a million streams a day globally with no signs of slowing down.

"Romantic Homicide" is available on all digital streaming platforms, listen here!

The grungy, guitar driven bedroom-pop track was written by d4vd who first fell in love with the writing process carrying around a journal, experimenting with spoken word and prose. d4vd’s haunting yet soothing vocals contrast with his thought-provoking songwriting easily attracting a rabid, online fanbase that are yearning for more after the success of “Romantic Homicide” and other tentpole singles he’s uploaded to streaming platforms. Stay tuned for all that is to come from this talented newcomer who’s only just getting started.


About d4vd

Hailing from Houston, Texas, d4vd (pronounced “David”) burst onto the internet with his supernova single “Romantic Homicide,” which peaked at #19 on the Spotify US Top 50 chart and #1 on Spotify US Viral chart. With over 39 million global streams, d4vd’s “pure and genuine” vocals, as Lyrical Lemonade deems, has officially won over the online music community. d4vd’s elusive beginnings as an artist only go back as far as 2021 with a string of genre-defying singles as the teenage sensation showcased his ability to chameleon his vocal and songwriting talents to various production styles - from indie to rock to R&B. With limited access to a studio let alone professional music equipment, d4vd began creating music by linking up with producers online and then recording his vocals over the production with just his iPhone. From there, the teenage maverick, who also doubles as an avid video game player, started off teasing his singles while playing Fortnite, causing a frenzy of interest from his viewers and fellow players to release the music he was playing. d4vd also took to TikTok and uploaded different versions of his music using the app BandLab, igniting millions of views and creates using the original sounds on his page before songs were even released.

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