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Cydel’s new single evokes the feeling of kilig

“When the demo of the song was sent to me,” says Cydel, “I felt goosebumps and a [indescribable] feeling that [is related to] kilig.” She is, of course, talking about her new single, “Close to You,” which is now out on all music streaming platforms!

Kilig is hard to translate, and the best way to describe it is a set of aroused emotions when encountering a person for whom one has affection. Like other emotions, we feel it in our bodies. In fact, Cydel says, she felt butterflies in her stomach despite the song’s relaxed vibe. Making a good love song, she adds, enables listeners to feel the way she does, so she tries as much as possible to sing from the heart when recording it.

“Close to You,” which was composed Gabriel Tagadtad and produced by Tagadtad and Tiny Corpuz, is a song that comes from that feeling of being in love and how one expresses it. In fact, if she were asked to imagine a scene where that song occurs, Cydel imagines herself being in a room while the song is playing, and thinking of that “special someone.”

Cydel says that “Close to You” is “simple and magical,” which is one reason to listen to it. She also says that the listener can connect with the emotions being expressed. Finally, she says, if the listener is in love, it is sure to put a smile on their face when they think about their loved one. If that is the measure of a song’s success, then her latest release will help people express the thrill of kilig, of being so much in love.

Close to You” is now out on all music streaming platforms under Republic Records, UMG Philippines. Stream here now!





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