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CHNDTR’s “Namimiss” plays around with what ifs

It all started, Chin says, after her band, CHNDTR met with their label, and they met a friend right after. He was in one of those scenarios that are familiar to those who have been in and out of love. He could not figure out why he couldn’t move on from a woman he loved, he said, and in a bout of overthinking, he asked “what if she had someone else all along?” The band took it as an inspiration, playing around with the idea until the song “Namimiss” emerged. This new pop-rock treat is now out on all music streaming platforms under Republic Records Philippines.

Listen here.

Chin says that the original concept for “Namimiss” was to try for a different sound from the 90s pop that marked their two previous singles, and the band initially chose a new wave one. As the song developed, they realized that it could work if it sounded closer to their usual pop-rock sound, bringing synths into the picture. She says that the resulting sound matches the lyrical vibe, which makes the song relatable and great to listen to on a road trip.

The synthesis between CHNDTR’s older pop-rock style and their recent sonic explorations was something challenging to achieve on “Namimiss,” Chin says. And in the process of making this challenging record, they listened to examples of pop songwriting they admired, from Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” to Whitney Houston’s legacy hit “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” and albums by Paramore, a band whose influence on recent pop rock at large is not to be sneezed at. Chin says that the song is a result of bringing together the emotional resonances of these works.

While CHNDTR has not yet played “Namimiss” live, Chin says that the recorded version is a treat for the ears and great traveling music, whether it is on the morning commute or on a road trip. She describes it as “a sad, heartbreaking, open-ended song that might blow your mind.





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