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Chen celebrates a lifetime of commitment with “Paulit-Ulit”

The best thing about being a singer and songwriter is that one could write music to suit the big and small moments of one’s life. That is the case with Chen, whose new single “Paulit-Ulit” comes out in time to celebrate her upcoming wedding later this month. The single drops on March __ on major streaming services. It was composed by Chen Pangan, produced by Tiny Corpuz, and arranged by Gabriel Tagadtad. It is being released under UMG Philippines Inc.

“Paulit-Ulit” came about because Chen wanted to write her own vows for that wedding. She realized that it would be a great idea to turn her vows into a song. Indeed, if there’s anything to the lyrics that remind us of a lifetime of commitment, it is the chorus: “Pipiliin ka paulit-ulit/paulit-ulit pipiliin.” It’s hard to render this in English without it sounding odd, but the sentiment is simple: I will always choose you.

Chen cites the Kina Grannis and Imaginary Futures song “I Will Spend My Whole Life Loving You” as an influence on her song’s sound. Like that song and many others, Chen’s work is part of a tradition of tunes expressing a desire to be with someone for good. In fact, she says that her process of composing the song began with the chorus, and then focused on what her soon-to-be husband meant to her. It’s not hard to see that there’s always a reason for taking that leap.

For Chen, the point of the song is to emphasize that love is a choice, that in good times or bad, someone who truly loves you will always choose you first. What she hopes people will feel is, perhaps, the same kind of love that drove her not only to write “Paulit-UIit” but to choose her partner for a lifetime.



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