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British multi-platinum singer-songwriter Calum Scott’s sublime new single “Heaven” has been refreshed with a spanking new Southeast Asian twist. One of the most acclaimed pop artist in the region, Darren hailing from the Philippines, reimagines Calum’s latest soulful ballad with his own distinctive touch, yet keeping to the essence of the track at its core. At the same time, the track captures the ethereal feeling of falling in love into the concept of an unimaginable paradise, a universal feeling that certainly transcends boundaries. Listen to the collaboration HERE!

Watch the music video below, if you haven't yet!

Some words from the artists on the special project:

Calum Scott: I am so excited to be working with these incredible artists from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam! I have always had a special place in my heart for Asia so to sing with local talent from across the region is a real honour. Each of these artists have brought something new to our collaboration of “Heaven” and I can’t wait for everyone to hear them.

Darren: I'm really excited about the collab. I've been listening to Calum since he officially released “Dancing On My Own” after his Britain's Got Talent journey. One of my favourite songs to sing to is “You Are The Reason”. Now, I have the opportunity to collaborate with him on his song and showcase the track with other artists across Southeast Asia. I hope to perform this track with Calum live on stage someday soon!

Catch their TikTok duet also below!

All in all, the triumphant and timeless ballad reveals Calum’s gift for finding unexpected ways to express universal emotions. “As songwriters, we’re always searching for new ways of saying ‘I miss you’ or ‘I love you’ or ‘I want you back,’” says Calum, who co-wrote “Heaven” with Hayley Warner (an Australian singer/songwriter who’s also penned songs for artists like Katy Perry and Tori Kelly).

Furthermore, Calum describes how “‘the concept of ‘Heaven’ is the love between two people being so powerful that it is far superior to anything else, any other form of paradise that could be offered. I loved the idea of putting the power into the relationship.” Threaded with lyrics that offer a certain poetic wisdom, “What good is life if we’re all just waiting to dance in the sky?”, the result is a breathtaking tribute to living in the moment by fully surrendering to love.

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