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First-generation Argentinian-American vocal dynamo Just Stef unveils her much-anticipated new single “Joke” via The Heavy Group/Republic Records. Listen to “Joke” HERE.

Excitement has been building for “Joke” since last month. Various TikTok teasers of the track have already generated nearly 7 million total views and over 768K “likes.” Earlier this week, Just Stef invited her 2.7 million followers to participate in an #OpenVerseChallenge, welcoming artists and fans to duet with her.

However, the song showcases her spirit, soul, and attitude as an artist. Calling out a cheater with no holds barred, piano and guitar puncture the airy orchestration as she laments, “You said forever, well fuck you!” Meanwhile, her voice flutters on the instantly chantable refrain, “I was the punchline and you were the joke.

February 12th, Just Stef will take the stage on Liam Payne’s #HeresToTheFuture VEEPS livestream for a two-song performance. Audiences have clamored for her appearance. As soon as Liam announced her as a guest, she dominated Twitter Global and US Trending at #1.

Now, she’s gearing up for a massive 2022 with more music and surprises to come.

In 2020, Just Stef was notably discovered by the former Global Head of Songwriter & Producer Relations at Spotify, Tiffany Kumar, who was building her Beat House production company. Tiffany started sending songs to Stef who like so many of today’s artists had already learned how to record herself.

Just Stef will tell you she’s “a very simple girl. However, she’s being modest. She’s really a vocal dynamo who can belt in English and Spanish and posts hilarious viral sketches. In fact, the implications of her impact are a bit more complex than she gives herself credit for. She appeals to an audience of millions on social media, because—as a first-generation Argentinian-American who has moved around since she was a little kid—she’s also real and relatable. Born to Argentinian immigrants in the U.S., the family bounced around Southern California’s Inland Empire. Along the way, she fell in love with Latin music a la cumbia y cuarteto as well as Céline Dion, Christina Aguilera, and Demi Lovato. In between working from a young age, she casually sang in church, participated in choir, and performed karaoke. By 18-years-old, she had settled in Jacksonville, FL. At the time, she often sang on Instagram for fun before launching her TikTok. An “Alphabet Video” caught fire, catalyzing the explosion of her account. She would reenact Kevin Hart bits or perform Spanish comedy skits about her family. Along the way, she built an audience of 2.7 million followers on TikTok and generated 81 million “likes. Eventually, she linked up with red hot producer KyleYouMadeThat (NLE Choppa, Coi Leray) and created her first original single “Miss U Miss Me.” It initially caught fire on TikTok, piling up over 5 million views in three weeks. Now, her unfiltered personality shines through a series of singles for The Heavy Group/Republic Records.




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