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BTOB has reunited after 4 years & Releases 3rd album 'Be Together'

BTOB, who has reunited after 4 years, releases their 3rd Album [Be Together]. With the 10th anniversary of their debut, BTOB who has captivated the hearts of the audience through their Well-Made music is soon to open up a spectacular second chapter with the most ‘BTOB-like’ music.

The 3rd Album [Be Together] by BTOB is an album that conveys the message of being together forever by reflecting on the emotions and memories of the moments spent together. The title track ‘The Song’ continues the sentiment of the series ‘Missing You’, ‘Only one for me’, and ‘Beautiful Pain’, and sings of a love that will not change over time as candidly as the title itself. In addition, the atmosphere and emotions of the tracks the members wrote themselves will evoke spring nostalgia for many listeners who have been waiting for BTOB’s music.

BTOB defines ‘BLUE’ as ‘LOVE’ through their 3rd Album [Be Together]. ‘BLUE LOVE’ that BTOB aims to express can be seen from the visual mood of the album. The teaser images of the ‘Be Love’ version completed with a blue ocean contain the distant sentiment of the end of a cold winter, and the teaser images of the ‘Be Blue’ version with full-bloomed flowers express the enthusiasm of anticipation for a green spring. The music video aesthetically depicts deep longing and bursting excitement as the members connected by music and letters with memories gather and sing together.

BTOB is back with [Be Together], an album with their heartwarming sincerity as always. We hope that the blue love will resonate through BTOB’s ‘The Song’ that will paint the upcoming spring.



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