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BLASTER releases "MY KOSMIK ISLAND DISK" highlighting a unique creative vision

The first of BLASTER’s new album MY KOSMIK ISLAND DISK is its concept. The singer-songwriter says that once he decided that the title would be such, it was easier to produce it. The record demonstrates the way he has managed to craft songs that stand out for their creative use of various musical elements and genres. Those who have seen him live may find this album a good distillation of the energy he and his bandmates bring to every set. The album is now out on all music streaming platforms under Island Records Philippines.


BLASTER says that the six main songs comprising MY KOSMIK ISLAND DISK cover different moods, styles, and themes. For instance, the title track is his homage to the influential Seventies genre that has left a mark on pop music since. The track “Nararararamdaman” is his attempt at constructing a song in odd-time, departing from the usual four on the floor to tell its story. There are tracks talking about being free and seeing the world end. The final track, “SA HULI ANG PAGSISI,” is what he describes as a symphony.

MY KOSMIK ISLAND DISK took a year to produce, BLASTER says, because of pandemic restrictions and other delays. With regular testing in place, he was able to work on the record at home with his friends. Among those who helped him on the record are Max Cinco (keyboard, drums, and orchestration), Dave Silonga (bass), Dan Tanedo (vocals), and Crystal Jobil (vocals). The album was mixed and mastered by Sam Marquez and remastered by Dan Tanedo.

The album art is itself an expression of BLASTER’s distinct visual style. Noted photographer Cenon at Mav and Def Jam Philippines’ Daddy A helped BLASTER come up with a look and feel that matches the musical creativity of the album. Thus, on all fronts, this is a musical auteur at work. BLASTER was solely hands on with the art direction.

BLASTER says that four of the songs on MY KOSMIK ISLAND DISK have already been played live and were well-received. He says that there’s a surprise awaiting listeners of the album, and the excitement is definitely palpable. He hopes to develop and produce music videos for all the songs in the album, and that is something else to be excited about. After all, if this album is any indication, his videos may be another creative feat to enjoy.





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