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Bestie of the month : JERIAH BAUTISTA

Hey besties! At UMUSIC, we know that every single superfan (like you) has a unique story to tell. Hence, we want to give you the spotlight through this new series, ‘Bestie of the Month’. And for our pioneer story, we recognize the dedication of Jeriah Bautista. Jeriah or ‘Jai’ is a 24 year old dental clinic administrator who formed two of the most active OPM fanbases, CheatsFam and Nostalgics.

'CheatsFam' is the fangroup of the band, Cheats- formed by Jim Bacarro, Saab Magalona, Candy Gamos, Manny Tanglao, Kyle Quismundo, Enzo Hermosa and Jason Caballa. 

Meanwhile, 'Nostalgics' is the fandom name of One Click Straight. The band consists of Sam Marquez, Tim Marquez, Toffer Marquez, and Joel Cartera.


We sat with Jeriah to know more about her love for Cheats and ONE CLICK STRAIGHT. And this is a how our conversation went:

Q: Describe ONE CLICK STRAIGHT and Cheats' song in one word.

Jai: ONE CLICK STRAIGHT - Nostalgic. Cheats -Heartfelt.

Q: What mood do you feel when you listen to their music.

Jai: For ONE CLICK STRAIGHT, it makes you scream the emotions that you thought you never had. For Cheats, it makes you feel the emotions that you thought you never had.

Q: What track from both bands would you recommend to a stranger?

Jai: It's really hard to choose because my personal favorite is different to what I would recommend. So for ONE CLICK STRAIGHT, I would recommend the stranger "MRT", if Gen z ha. But if it's anybody else, it's "Wake me up" talaga.

And for Cheats I would really recommend “Morning After" or "Honey Calm Down".

It really depends on the situation- I guess, the age, or what type of music this

person likes.

Q: Which track from ONE CLICK STRAIGHT or Cheats resonates with you the most?

Jai: For ONE CLICK STRAIGHT, the song that resonates me the most

is "Dahan-dahan", with all the pressure and stuff. I mean it's really

something that you want to share if someone is under pressure. Ang ganda ng song! And for Cheats, it's " A little longer". You might want to listen to that song, it says a lot about me.



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