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Being Fancy: 8 BALLIN’ Drops Another Bop

8 BALLIN’s latest single, “Fancy, is out on all music streaming platforms and the group is proving to be one of Def Jam Philippines’ most promising young talents. Their song is a collaboration between the members of the collective. It was produced by Luigi “zp3nd” Tamayo and recorded at the Double RR Studio. Listen to the song here:!

8 BALLIN’ says that they composed “Fancy” with an old-school, chill vibe to reflect the story of a young woman who is, in their words, “swabe kung gumalaw.” Her smooth moves, they say, reflect her “go with the flow” personality that consistently stands out. “We came up with a party vibe [for this song],” they tell us in Filipino, “but it is also chill.” The sonic mix will engage listeners in how they speak about their topic through rhyme.

Watch the music video here!

8 BALLIN’ want people to ease into their music, they say, and “Fancy” fits into their musical trajectory by emphasizing a mix of old-school and new-school hip-hop. They add that their arrangement for this song fits well with what they aim to do with it. This fits in, they say, with the kind of ideal place where one hears it: in a classy club where, one will be “speechless” upon hearing the song. In other words, one is likely to put down their drink and stop chatting once the song comes on.

The group says that they have been listening to a lot of R&B songs lately from different artists, and they feel that the energy they draw from that fuels a song such as “Fancy. They are excited to bring their energy to a live event in June, where they promise a “wild performance.”

“Fancy” is yet another sign that 8 BALLIN' is ready to make an impact on the diverse world of Philippine music.


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