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Beautiful Scars pop sensation MAXIMILLIAN releases debut album, TOO YOUNG

Maximillian, the hitmaker behind Beautiful Scars, released his debut album - ‘Too Young’ last October 29 and the anticipated record is filled with "11 honest and personal songs". As described by the 22 year-old singer and songwriter, the pop project is a collection of his stories and feelings as the “rootless teen who became an honest songwriter” wherein he sings about troubles of youth, friendship, and love


“I always wondered why some adults claim: “You’re too young to understand”. Especially because I’ve been met by these exact words in crucial situations where I needed actual answers to understand. Feelings will be feelings no matter if you’re 50 years old or five. They hurt, no matter who you are – and we need to talk about them.” He described that the project is a step forward to new musical directions covering "very bombastic soundscapes" to "more quiet and simple passages".

The record includes the previously released singles - ‘Love Like This’ and ‘Letters’, and the self-searching pop ballad, ‘Mirror’, where he sings about his struggles with being out of place and unfamiliar with your own self.

The rising international pop star is known globally for Beautiful Scars, a no. 1 hit in the Philippines with 90 million all-time streams. And to continue the success, 'Too Young' is here to serve fans and pop listeners with great music and lyrics written by the talented Copenhagen-based artist.




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