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As Zack Tabudlo releases “Yakap,” the future is exciting for him

Zack Tabudlo is no stranger to making music about love that appeals to many people. Many of his hits have become streaming staples for audiences not only in the Philippines but across the region. He has set records on Spotify that mark his status as one of the hottest hit-makers in the local music industry. And with his new single “Yakap,” his first release as a member of the Republic Records Philippines family, the singer-songwriter once again demonstrates the power of his musical skills.


Zack recorded and produced “Yakap,” which is about the very familiar experience of admitting one’s affection for someone else. In writing this song, he says that he was reminiscing about such experiences in the past. A deeply personal song like this, we might add, is sure to resonate with those who listen to it. To paraphrase the 80s band The Police, has anyone tried to tell someone the feelings they have for another in their heart? With a song like this, perhaps people will remember how they would answer that question.

The sound of “Yakap,” Zack says, was based on a previous live arrangement of one of his songs, where he offered his drummer Paul, samples of drum beats he could use. Something new came from this effort, and he says that “Yakap” itself has this similar old-school vibe.

Zack is excited about being part of the Republic Records Philippines family, and he is mum about what is in store for him as this new chapter in his music career begins. We do know, however, that it will be as exciting for all of us who have been following this amazing musician’s career over the past few years.

“Yakap” is now out on major music streaming platforms under Republic Records Philippines.





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