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Airliftz shares emotionally-charged pop-punk banger, “NOT TODAY”, his debut release on the RedRecord

RedRecords, a joint venture between AirAsia and Universal Music Group, kick-off the signing of emerging R&B/Hip Hop star, Airliftz, with the release of his latest single, “NOT TODAY”. A song firmly rooted in themes of perseverance and overcoming adversity, “NOT TODAY” serves as the perfect track to spearhead AirAsia’s new diversity and inclusion campaign.

The track, produced alongside longtime collaborator, [Singaporean musician and producer] Fauxe, features a thumping bassline and hypnotic guitar melody that both contribute greatly to the driving momentum of the song. The two elements woven together in a sort of serpentine dance simulates looking out the window of a train going 300 kilometres an hour; the ever-present clickety-clack sound of the wheels meeting the tracks as the world outside the cabin streaks past like the brush strokes of an impressionist painting. Catalytic in spirit yet unwavering in its resolve, the youthful pop-punk anthem’s defiant nature is lively, uplifting, and subtly mosh-inducing.

Airliftz begins the song by charging straight at the sneering façades of naysayers. In the age of social media, it is easy to let the insecurity of others wash over us and poison the way we think about ourselves. However, instead of turning tail and shirking away, Airliftz stands right in the pocket – unwilling to reciprocate, unwilling to retreat. In the accompanying music video, directed and produced by the prolific Denhouse Productions, Airliftz can be seen galvanising his troops from high up in the clouds; calling out to the dysfunctional, the voiceless, the marginalised. An epic meeting of hearts ensues, resulting in a cathartic release of energy set to echo throughout the Kuala Lumpur skyline and beyond.

“I wrote “NOT TODAY” based on my own story. Being physically different, music gave me the opportunity to really just let out my emotions during the times when I felt like giving up. It gave me the tools to really express how tough it was to be looked down upon; navigating people telling you that you’re not going to make it, feeling worthless, and channelling those frustrations into something positive,” Airliftz states.

In short, “NOT TODAY” is about “not giving up again”; the keyword being ‘again’. Life isn’t free of blemishes. We all fall short, and every now and then fail to measure up. But what counts is that we continue “pushing ourselves through all the damage” so that we can all be “re-born into stronger versions of yourselves”.

Not only does the song promote individuality and self-worth, it also marks a broadening of Airliftz’s sonic horizons – a strong first showing of his musical sensibilities outside the realms of Hip-Hop & R&B. Drawing inspiration from the punk bands of the early 2000s, their ubiquitous influence shines through the song’s soaring vocals, chunky bass tone, and rhythm-centred guitar riffs. However, Airliftz’s predominantly Hip-Hop & R&B background still remains present in his signature cadence and slick lyricism. The use of trap drum sounds and hi-hat fills in conjunction with the primarily pop-punk rhythm carves out a unique lane for Airliftz’s exploration as an artist.


On signing Airliftz, Hassan Choudhury, Head of Music for AirAsia Group and CEO of RedRecords, expressed his great excitement:

“We are delighted to welcome such a talented artist like Airliftz to RedRecords. When my colleagues at AirAsia made me aware of his involvement with their amazing inclusion and diversity campaign, I wanted to know more about him. Once I met him and heard the track “NOT TODAY”, it was for me a done deal. Airliftz has the potential to be a huge star all over ASEAN and now with borders opening up, maybe even further afield!”

NOT TODAY” is now available on all digital streaming platforms with an official music video that premiered exclusively on his YouTube channel. WATCH HERE



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