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A Single Line Prompted Gabriel’s New Single

“One night I was working on another song,” says singer-songwriter Gabriel, “and suddenly the line ‘Madaling araw-arawin ang panliligaw sa iyo’ (Wooing you is easy to do every day) came up. Then I thought that this should be in a different song, so I built up the song from that line. This was one of the songs that wrote itself naturally. I finished it that night.” The result of that sudden flash of inspiration is his new single “Madaling Araw,” which he composed and produced. The single is out on all music streaming platforms. Listen to it HERE!

Madaling Araw” is inspired by Gabriel’s own experience of being with his partner, he says. He imagines working late and finding her sleeping a few feet away and offering her hugs and kisses upon her sleeping and waking her up. When asked about what makes this song stand out in a long tradition of love songs, he replies, “’Madaling Araw’ came from my own emotions and experience, it came from a real place. And I think that honesty in expressing yourself in a song is what makes [it] stand out.”

Watch the lyric video below!

One other inspiration for this song, however, is from one of alternative rock’s classic records. At the end of the 1995 double album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness by the Smashing Pumpkins, a band whose music Gabriel has been revisiting, he discovered the track “By Starlight.” The song’s feel that depicts melancholy as the day ends, he says, was something that he wanted to do in his music, and “Madaling Araw” was the result.

Gabriel hopes to include this in an upcoming five-song EP, along with the previously released “Sa ‘Kin Lang Tumingin.”

Listen to the song below, if you haven't yet!

He also hopes to perform his songs live with a band sometime soon. With these musical endeavors in store, listeners will discover someone who writes and sings from an honest place.


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